Wilma Edwards | Tell Us Your Story

With Thanksgiving coming up, we asked our Resident Wilma Edwards to recall her most memorable Thanksgiving. Here is what she had to say.

Wilma Edwards had a lot of fond memories of growing up in Northern Indiana. One of her fondest memories was traveling north to Kankakee to her grandmother’s house to visit with her whole family for Thanksgiving. The year was 1930, and she was 8 years old. As she recalls, there was a lot of snow and ice on the roads due to the lake affect weather coming off of Lake Michigan. This made the winter months hard to bear.

Wilma remembered her family preparing for the trip as they warmed up rocks on their wood stove and wrapped them in a blanket to set on the floor of their Whippet car. The rocks would help keep everyone’s feet warm on the trip up. While driving her family would sing popular songs that originated during WW1 all the way to her grandmother’s house. 

During their travel to Kankakee, there were men on horseback trying to clear the roads so vehicles could travel for Thanksgiving. Without their help, her and her family would have never made it.

Once Wilma and her family arrived at her grandmother’s house, the house was full with family. To tell you how full it was, her grandmother had 12 children so the house was full! Wilma reminisced back to the meal and remembered seeing all the women in the kitchen preparing the food. The meal consisted of chicken, turkey, and goose with all the sides being dressing, potatoes, carrots, and corn. The desert was none other than pumpkin pie. At her family meetings, there was always enough food and no one ever went hungry.

After the meal was over and the tables and dishes were cleaned, it was time for the family to join together in singing. Wilma still remembers her uncle playing the concertina while the rest of the family sang songs and laughed with one another. This was the Thanksgiving that Wilma reminisces the most from her childhood because it featured her entire family, and she observed the love her whole family had for one another.