The Passions of Betty

There are some individuals in this world whose passion is to serve others. They provide service to strangers, their community, and/or their families. Betty Keyt has been a resident at Cloverleaf since January of 2013. When someone comes up and talks to Betty for the first time, like I did, there are two things that jump out at you. First is that she is very proud of her service with Clay County Hospital, and second (the thing that makes her smile) is her family.

For over thirty years, Betty worked for Clay County Hospital. She started as an aide and eventually moved on to become a Sterile Supplies Technician in the Surgery Department. Over the years, Betty would even “scrub in” on surgeries to assist the surgeon. She helped perform all kinds of surgeries over the years, but she particularly liked General Surgery.

Interestingly, during her entire working career Betty never had a driver’s license even though her family lived in rural Clay County. She was always able to make it work by riding with her husband Charles while he was on his way to his work or with a neighboring friend.

While being proud of her professional career if you want to put a twinkle in Betty’s eye, talk about her family. Betty was blessed to have been married for over 50 years to her husband Charles. They both worked and provided for their three children (Larry, Debbie, and Jeannie). According to Jeannie her parents were always about family. “They always put family first and did everything for us kids. Looking back Mom would probably only get 5 hours of sleep because she was either working or looking after us. She was a hard worker…..A fantastic Mother. We couldn’t have asked for anything more.”

Betty’s proud that all three of her children have worked in the medical field. Larry worked as an orderly, Debbie as a physical therapy aide and CNA, and Jeannie who works for Union Hospital’s ICU.

Betty and Charles’ legacy of service and commitment to family continues to grow. Along with their three children, they have 10 grandchildren, a lot of great-grandchildren, and currently 10 great-great-grandchildren. The next time you see Betty at Cloverleaf ask her about one of her children…..or grandchildren….or great-grandchildren…….or great-great-grandchildren. I guarantee that you’ll make her smile.