Russell Boatman | Tell Us Your Story

Russell Boatman has lived his entire life in the Wabash Valley. Originally born in North Terre Haute, he spent the majority of his life living on State Road 340 in Cloverland. He graduated High School from Otter Creek High School in Terre Haute.

Prior to graduation he tried to enlist into the Armed Forces during World War II, however he was unable to enlist because he didn’t have a valid birth certificate. When he was born the doctor who delivered him didn’t think that he was going to live. So he was never issued a birth certificate. However after graduation, the Navy had no problem drafting him.

He headed to basic training in the Chicago area. When he was done with basic training, he was transferred to the Seabees division where his responsibility was to load and unload cargo ships. For the majority of the time that he was a serviceman, he was located in the South Pacific.

Upon his dicharge in the Navy, Russell went to work in the plastic film industry. He started there as a clerk, but he eventually moved up to a purchasing agent. He had a pretty important job as a purchasing agent. In fact all materials that were shipped to his and all the other plants had to have his signature on the shipping form or it couldn’t be shipped. This included the plant in Holland. Russell worked in the plastic film industry for 41 years.

Russell has been satisfied with this time at Cloverleaf. “I’ve enjoyed my time here. The facility is always clean, and I really like the country setting. The rehab is the best I’ve seen. They have been very good to me and my wife over the years.”