Ruby C | Her First Job and Haystack Chocolate

We took some time to interview and recognize Mrs. Ruby Crabb.

Ruby Crabb is 92 years old and remembers her first and only job being at Fred’s Fruit Market here in Brazil, Indiana. She worked there for 30 years from 1965 to 1995, “I really really loved that job so much, I hated when it went out of business.” Ruby remembers they sold her favorite candy, Haystack Chocolate Candy. She tells us they always had lots and lots of Christmas candy for the little kids. She loved weighing the candy for all the kids that came almost every day after school and they all called her by name; they called me, “Ms. Ruby.” She remembers that she was the chocolate tester and she ate tons of chocolate for Fred Schults, the owner of the store. Ruby said she didn’t get paid much but that didn’t matter to her because she just loved the store and she loved the family atmosphere it had. Ruby's fondest memory of Fred’s Market was that her daddy would bring home Haystack Chocolate for Christmas every year for all of the kids and she just couldn’t wait for Christmas to come for that reason alone!