Painting with Betty

Betty Balder has enjoyed art her entire life. As a child she can’t remember a time when she wasn’t at least doodling the SundayNewspaper comics. Her love of all things art eventually spilled over into more refined artistic endeavors. Betty was introduced to a local art teacher who helped her learn how to use oil paints on a canvas. Betty was talented enough that she was able to even make some money selling her art. She would travel to different art shows throughout Indiana displaying and selling her art. 

One day Betty’s husband Philip came home and told her that he had met someone who painted on fine china. This interested Betty because she had never heard of such a thing. Philip set up a time for Betty to come and meet this woman. Betty would learn from her and ended up painting on dishes and vases to further expand her artistic talents. 

Betty’s favorite artistic endeavor would be painting on Christmas ornaments. Betty wished she had been introduced to painting ornaments earlier because she enjoyed it so much. She would paint anything people would want on them. She would take her Christmas ornaments and sell them at all sorts of art shows in different states. 

Betty was methodical in how she approached painting. She would never rush her art, because she wanted every piece of her art to be perfect.

Betty and Philip have three children together Barbara, Karen, and David. They were married for over 60 years and lived in various towns/cities throughout Indiana and Ohio. Betty has been a Resident at Cloverleaf since last October, and she appreciates the care she has received at Cloverleaf during her stay.