National Siblings Day

George (left) and Clarence (right) Treash are bothers and both currently reside here at Cloverleaf. George and Clarence are 2 out of 13 total siblings.  (7 boys and 6 girls) George and Clarence both recall many good memories from their childhood. When asked what 13 children did for fun, they had this to say, “What we remembered most was playing a card game called “31” where each person put 15 cents in the kitty.” George and Clarence both said that all 13 siblings would gather together for a friendly game of cards and money.  After every game of “31” all of the boys and girls would purposely leave a nickel here and a dime there on the floor and under chairs and such, for their dad to find so he wouldn’t feel left out.  The next day their dad would be all casual and very excited that he won some money too! There was another game that all the children would play; this game was called croquet and it was reserved especially for their mother because she didn’t like to gamble with all of the kids.  George and Clarence both remember that their mother was so proud to be invited to play a game with her 13 kids every Sunday.