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Some people are just easy to talk to, and you could listen to them tell their stories all day long. Jessie Thomas is one of those people. She has a quiet, but extremely pleasant disposition that makes you feel better about yourself after talking with her.

Jessie Thomas (nee Sparks) was born in Clarkson, Utah however due to The Great Depression her family was forced to move around until her father could find work. After making several short stops, they settled in Boise, Idaho.

While Jessie was still in High School, Jessie became acquainted with a young serviceman who was based out of Boise. John Thomas was an enlisted Gunnery Instructor Sergeant for the Army Air Corp and was originally from Rockville, IN.

Jessie and John became married, and she followed him back to Indiana. John was previously enrolled at Indiana University, and when they returned he finished with his Law Degree. Soon after getting married and settling in Bloomington, Jessie finished her Senior year of High School. While in Bloomington they also welcomed their first child, Jana.

After John finished his Law Degree, the young family moved to Brazil where he setup his practice. Jessie stayed at home, and they had two more children Jamie and Joanna.

When her children were teenagers or older, Jessie decided it was time for her go back to school. She was attending Indiana State University pursuing a degree in Social Services when a friend asked if she would be interested in going to LPN school with her.

Ever since Jessie was a little girl, she had always liked the idea of becoming a nurse. So when her friend asked her to attend Nursing School in Terre Haute with her, she thought it would be a good idea. Jessie graduated in 1986 and immediately started working at the Clay County Hospital where she would work at least part-time for 15 years.

Jessie not only worked at the hospital, but also several local doctor offices. Her first office was with Dr. Bannon, Dr. Christy, and Dr. Oehler. She would briefly take a break from office work while her daughter Jana has her first child. When Dr. Oehler opened his own office, she followed him and was his nurse for a couple of years before becoming the office nurse for Dr. Conrad. Jessie would go on to work for Dr. Conrad for 13 years.