Cloverleaf Healthcare | Stories of Generosity

Sharon B. and Becky B. are two very active residents at Cloverleaf! They are always willing to help out our Activity department with decorating and participate in lots of events.  The ladies have many stories about their past Christmases, but each had a special story of generosity to share.

Sharon remembers a “sad but ended happy” Christmas.  When her brother and she were very small, her father worked at Strand Steel in Terre Haute.  Before Christmas her father had been very ill and had emergency surgery.  He was unable to work and her parents had told the children they wouldn’t be having Christmas that year.  On Christmas eve night, Sharon had looked out the window and seen cars lined up down the road.  Her father’s fellow employees had all brought gifts and baskets of food to the family!  Sharon said her favorite gift was the candy canes and toys they brought.  The company had also had a man donate a $20 bill and had an auction for it at the plant.  The man who won the $20 had donated it back to the family. They also received the  auction money to help them out with bills and such while he was off work.  Sharon says that is her most special Christmas as a child!

Becky was little during the depression and lived in Indianapolis.  She says her and her brother never had a Christmas until one year someone donated to their family.  They brought her a big doll and toys for her brother.  They had beans and potatoes for dinner.  Becky says for many years after, they were unable to celebrate Christmas, but she always had that doll to remember the special one she had.  She says it is sad, but she never knew that she was missing something, because back then it wasn’t always about what you got!  Becky says she always made Christmas special for her own children and had many great Christmases as a mother!

As you celebrate this Christmas, please remember the stories of generosity.  As Becky said, “it isn’t all about what you got”, it is about sharing it with loved ones and remembering those in need. You may touch the heart of a little girl that years down the road will share a story about your generosity like Becky and Sharon did with me today!