Albert starr

Mr. Albert Starr has been a lifelong resident of the Wabash Valley. Originally born in West Vigo, Albert moved with his parents to Brazil at 13 years old. When Albert turned 18, he was drafted by the U.S. Army during the Korean War. However, right after he was drafted a cease fire was announced. Albert was sent to Japan for the next two years before being discharged by the Armed Forces.

Once out of the Army, Albert needed a job. One day when shopping at Smith’s Department Store in Terre Haute, the salesman told Albert to, “Check out the gal at the drugstore.” According to Albert, he had nothing better to do so he headed on over to the drugstore. After ordering a Vanilla Coke and talking with “the gal,” Albert waited outside the drugstore and offered to take her home instead of her taking the bus home. She agreed for Albert to take her home, and they had their first date that night. They went out every night for the next several nights. Albert married Kay Francis Starr (nee Kerr) on January 14th, 1956 about one year after meeting her at the drugstore.

With the help of the clothes from Smith’s Department store, Albert was able to land a job as a mechanic for Greenline Motor Express Trucking Company. Albert worked for them for many years and through many name changes. Before he left, the company was named TMX Trucking Company. Albert eventually became a driver for Liquid Carbonic another trucking company. As a driver for Liquid Carbonic, Albert drove all over the United States and occasionally Canada hauling liquid carbon dioxide. The liquid carbon dioxide that Albert hauled was used for all sorts of applications including to instantly freeze fruit and vegetables for long-term storage.

Albert and Kay raised their four children (Albert Jr., Bryan, Felicia, and Katherine) mostly in Brazil. While Albert was working for various trucking companies, Kay mostly stayed home with the children or worked sometimes as a nanny. Sadly, Kay passed away about ten years ago. Albert and Kay were married almost 50 years. Albert has enjoyed his time at Cloverleaf. “It sure beats other places I’ve been. I’ve been satisfied with nursing care, therapy, and the food pretty good.”