A Special Bond

Cloverleaf Healthcare has always known the bond between Sam Conner, CNA and resident Leandra Moore was special. Lea came to Cloverleaf Healthcare in 2016 after she had been diagnosed with ALS. ALS is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. The disease process accelerated quickly and Lea soon lost her ability to walk, talk, and voice her needs. Sam, our CNA, chose to learn sign language to communicate with Lea. This was Sam’s way of ensuring Lea could still voice her needs. It didn’t take long for the disease to also rob Lea of her ability to communicate using sign language but that didn’t stop Sam from communicating with her. Sam had become accustomed to anticipating Lea’s needs and knew her routine so well that Sam was able to communicate Lea’s needs even though Leah couldn’t speak or move. Their relationship continued to blossom and Sam continued to provide exceptional care to Lea until her final days. Lea recently passed away. After Lea’s passing, Kindred Hospice provided Sam with a special gift to comfort her. Kindred Hospice had also been a part of Lea’s care and aware of the special bond shared between Lea and Sam. The hospice team took Lea’s t-shirts and had them made into a teddy bear for Sam to always have a piece of Lea with her. Sam, as well as the entire staff at Cloverleaf Healthcare, were moved by such a thoughtful gift from Kindred Hospice. Thank you, Kindred Hospice, for your gift that keeps on giving! And thank you Sam and Lea for touching all our hearts with your special bond!