A Great Storyteller in our Midst

Today I sat down with Bob Jones and asked him if he had any interesting stories he could share with me. Bob is a 95 year old gentleman that recently moved into Cloverleaf. He is a special, sweet, caring man who has loved his family and God all his life. Bob built the house that he and his wife raised their family in and now his grandson lives there with his family.

When I asked Bob to tell me about himself he said, with a smile on his face, "well I was born January 8, 1921 at Rocky Fork, do you know where that is?" I told him I did and that I thought it was a beautiful area. He got a smile on his face and said "oh yes it is!" He then told me the story of how his Grandmother delivered him at home and there was 3 feet of snow on the ground that day. "Dr. Stiles had to come from Lena in a horse and buggy. He couldn't get to the house so he tied it to a tree at the rocks and walked ½ mile through the snow with burlap bags around his legs. That is how people got through deep snow."

Bob had many stories to tell me! He described a Huckster Wagon. This wagon was pulled by a horse and would come around to homes and farms. On the wagon there was spices, baking powder, corn meal and other things that farmers could not get easily in the area. Farmers would trade chickens, hams, eggs, and vegetables in return for the supplies.

Bob went on to tell me about being in the Navy in WW2. His father had him enlist. He was a 1st Class Petty Officer and earned $310 per month. He was proud to say that he earned a lot more than his cousin who was drafted into the Army and only made $21 a month! While in the Navy his shipped was docked in Brazil, South America. While there, every morning a little boy would bring him a "glass" of coffee! "It was really good coffee! Right from the bean!" Bob told me there were two ladies come to see him and asked if they could take a picture of him. He said, with a spark in his eye, "I don't know if you can tell it but this old guy was a handsome man!"

Bob is such a great story teller! He loves music and sings gospel songs. He can still recite many poems, some are his and some he memorized. We are very blessed to have Bob call Cloverleaf his home!