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Hometown Moments

Everyday Tells A New Story at Cloverleaf Health Care. Check out Hometown Moments on our website to learn more about what’s happening at Cloverleaf Health Care. Whether it’s information about activities and events, or tales of employees who went the extra mile, we want to share our news with you. Join us for stories of the past, such as events that brought joy or inspiration to our Residents, as well stories about present-day acts of kindness and people who pay it forward. If it’s happening at Cloverleaf, you will read about it here, because we put our Residents First!

  • Customer Service Superstar | August 2019

    Sheri Tetidrick has been nominated as our Customer Service Superstar for Cloverleaf Healthcare. Sheri has worked as an LPN at Cloverleaf for 8 year...... read more

  • IMG June 2019 Customer Service Superstar | Annie Kaelber CNA

    Congratulations to Annie Kaelber, CNA, at Cloverleaf! You are the IMG June Customer Service Superstar!

    Annie is a CNA/Restorative Aid her...... read more

  • Hometown Moments Cloverleaf Healthcare | Summer Food for Kids 2019

    Hometown Moments Cloverleaf Healthcare | Summer Food for Kids 2019

    #IMGiving #MakingADifference

  • Hometown Moments | Dairy Queen

    <...... read more

  • Hometown moments | Fourth of July

    Hometown moments Fourth of July at Cloverleaf Healthcare.

  • Cloverleaf Hometown Moments

    Cloverleaf is a Skilled Nursing Community with residents and staff that love sharing stories from their local towns. We have a program called Homet...... read more

  • Pinnacle Customer Experience Award 2018

    Cloverleaf Health Care proudly announces we have been awarded the 2018 Pinnacle Customer Experience Award which based on a satisfaction survey...... read more

  • A Special Bond

    Cloverleaf Healthcare has always known the bond between Sam Conner, CNA and resident Leandra Moore was special. Lea came to Cloverleaf Healthcare i...... read more

  • 2017 Clinical Staff Member of the Year | Samantha Conner

    Samantha Conner was chosen as the Clinical Staff Member of the Year for the 2017 Senior Living Awards. Samantha is a CNA at Cloverleaf of Knightsvi...... read more

  • Cloverleaf Job Fair

    Cloverleaf Job Fair Thursday July 27, 2017 9:00 AM - 01 PM

    On site tours and interviews
    Competitive wages
    Excellent work en...... read more

  • Customer Service Superstar | May 2017

    Cloverleaf’s Customer Service Super Star for the Month of May goes to Sam Conner. Sam Conner is a CNA who has worked at Cloverleaf for 6 year...... read more

  • Good Hair Day

    Things are going to get a bit hairy on April 30, which is both Hairstyle and Hairstylist Appreciation Day. After all, what is one without Kathy has...... read more

  • National Siblings Day

    George (left) and Clarence (right) Treash are bothers and both currently reside here at Cloverleaf. George and Clarence are 2 out of 13 total sibli...... read more

  • April is Occupational Therapy Month

    Occupational therapy is a customized intervention used to improve daily activities of living like dressing, bathing and cooking in order to get pat...... read more

  • Ruby C | Her First Job and Haystack Chocolate

    We took some time to interview and recognize Mrs. Ruby Crabb.

    Ruby Crabb is 92 years old and remembers her first and only job being at Fr...... read more

  • A Never Ending Love Story

    A true love story Cloverleaf was able to witness. We wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day 2017. Remember to cherish the small moments and live life...... read more

  • Wilma Edwards | Tell Us Your Story

    With Thanksgiving coming up, we asked our Resident Wilma Edwards to recall her most memorable Thanksgiving. Here is what she had to say.read more

  • Russell Boatman | Tell Us Your Story

    Russell Boatman has lived his entire life in the Wabash Valley. Originally born in North Terre Haute, he spent the majority of his life living on S...... read more

  • Coach Marvel | Tell Us Your Story

    With the local schools back in full swing, we took the time to sit down with one of our residents who spent 30 years as a coach and educator. <...... read more

  • Jessie Thomas | Tell us your story

    Some people are just easy to talk to, and you could listen to them tell their stories all day long. Jessie Thomas is one of those people. She has a...... read more

  • There is Nothing Sweeter Than a Baby

    Cloverleaf Resident Emma Hoffman is one of our most active Residents. According to her, “I’m not ready to sit in a rockin’ chair....... read more

  • Painting with Betty

    Betty Balder has enjoyed art her entire life. As a child she can’t remember a time when she wasn’t at least doodling the SundayNew...... read more

  • 2nd Lieutenant Bill Lynch

    Bill Lynch was drafted by the U.S. Army just after graduating High School. Bill was sent to Fort Benjamin Harrison in Indianapolis. At that time th...... read more

  • Riding with Jim

    With May marking the end of the calendar school year, we asked Jim Lawrence to tell us about his time serving his community as a school bus driver ...... read more

  • Albert starr

    Mr. Albert Starr has been a lifelong resident of the Wabash Valley. Originally born in West Vigo, Albert moved with his parents to Brazil at 13 yea...... read more

  • Gardening with Oma

    With Spring just around the corner and the prospect of warmer weather, one can’t help but get excited about the idea of fresh fruit and veget...... read more

  • The Passions of Betty

    There are some individuals in this world whose passion is to serve others. They provide service to strangers, their community, and/or their familie...... read more

  • Broadcasting Pioneer | Wayne

    Life is full of twist and turns. Where we finish is almost certainly not where we started. Wayne Jenkins, who has counted on Cloverleaf for therapy...... read more

  • Hey Blondie| A Love Story

    A true love story of 60 years plus started with an original pick up line.  Mr. Joe Raab was outside the skating rink on North 59 when he ...... read more

  • Are You Ready For Some Football!

    With Superbowl 50 coming up on February 7th, we wanted to know if any of our residents had a favorite Superbowl memory. Ken Matthews has been a lif...... read more

  • The Lost Art of Divinity

    As the staff at Cloverleaf entered their goodies into the yearly Christmas treat bake off, Betty reminisced about baking Divinity. Betty's mom ...... read more

  • Cloverleaf Healthcare | Stories of Generosity

    Sharon B. and Becky B. are two very active residents at Cloverleaf! They are always willing to help out our Activity department with decorating and...... read more

  • A Great Storyteller in our Midst

    Today I sat down with Bob Jones and asked him if he had any interesting stories he could share with me. Bob is a 95 year old gentleman that recentl...... read more

  • Tell Us Your Story

    We'd love it if you shared a favorite story from your past with us. Or perhaps a testimonial about the care you received. We’ll select one story...... read more

  • Happy Memorial Day

    Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday of May (May 25, 2015). It was formerly known as Decoration Day and commemorates all men and women, w...... read more

  • Cloverleaf Connection May 2015

    Click here to download our May 2015 Newsletter!read more