One of the best ways to understand our devotion to quality healthcare is to listen to our Residents and families. Cloverleaf will be happy to provide you with the names and numbers of Residents and family members you may talk with to discuss our commitment to caring for area seniors. Below are testimonials from current Residents and families as well as success stories from Residents who were able to return home.

I love this place like my family and I originally came from another nursing home and the care horrible. I never got a shower or never got my hair washed and they just left me laying in bed until I ended up sick from their care and thatís when I found cloverleaf and I have never been happier.

By: a current nursing home resident.

The care is great here and I am totally pleased with all of the staff here. My husband is a rehabilitation patient here and he is doing better than all of my expectations. We started out at another Nursing home and the care was so bad that my husband almost died and ended up in a hospital and then we found Cloverleaf. Thank You cloverleaf for helping through the hard times

Truly Mary Thompson

It started before we got here, Lisa worked hard on helping us with insurance and answering the many questions and concerns that me and my brothers all had. She was also caring and patient with me when I was very emotional.  She understood that this is a very difficulty decision for our family to make in finding the perfect nursing home that we trusted to take care of our mother, and she knew how difficult this task really is. The nursing staff and rehab therapist have all treated our mother with kindness and respect and have addressed all of our fears. 

We believe we have made the right decision for the care of our mother to be here at Cloverleaf.

Thank You the Powell family. 

I am very pleased with this facility...

"The nurses and aids are very knowledgeable.  The staff is very friendly and family oriented.  When I need something they are usually right there in a timely manner.  They are always asking if there is anything they can do to make my stay better.  It is a very clean facility and the food is pretty good.  If there is something that you do not like to eat, they will get you something else.  The therapy department is very good.  I came here specifically for rehab and they have really brought me a long way.  I respect them all very much!  To summarize things up, I would highly recommend this facility to anyone! "

-John Metz,  Rehabilitation Resident


My love for Cloverleaf...

"I love my home away from home.  I have been here four years now and I could not ask for a better place to live.  I have wonderful care!  This place has a very home like atmosphere.  It has beautiful décor, spotless floors, and excellent staff that are very efficient!  We have many activities that are a lot of fun!  I really like to use the dayroom to socialize and meet new people during my stay here.  We always offer church services, to which many attend. 

The food is very good here.  They give us a choice of what to eat, which is very nice.  The department heads are top notch!  They are always ready to pitch in and help whenever they can.   My husband told me once,  “ I really like this place!  I have learned to love people.”  Not that he didn’t like people, but he was a changed man through his stay here.   He passed away in 2012.  I have been in other nursing facilities, but NONE compare to Cloverleaf!"  

-Madeline Raubuch,  President of Resident Council